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The Power of AI and Image Recognition

Image recognition is on the rise in retail execution as a key technology to help CPG brands go further. Using the power of AI, image recognition gives businesses the ability to gain vital insights into what’s on their shelves. The power of data and smart insights allows businesses to speed up the way they do things and make better, more accurate, and evidence-based decisions. Image recognition gives real-time data that enables data analytics that are accurate and up-to-date.

How Image Recognition Provides Real-time Data

When businesses don’t have real-time information on what’s on their retail stores’ shelves and how sales are executed, it can lead to missed sales. Problems such as products being out of stock, poor placement of products, and delays in addressing issues prevent sales opportunities from being realized. Making sure products are on shelves across all of their stores becomes an almost impossible task.

CPG brands need to keep up with the changing whims of modern consumers. The right technology is vital to ensure the latest information about what is (and isn’t) on your shelves. With CPG brands increasing their technology budget by 10%, it’s the perfect time to start using tools such as AI and image recognition to achieve the goals of your business. Store audits can be enhanced and both merchandisers and salespeople in-store can be empowered to achieve more.

Image recognition makes sales leaders and retailers aware of what’s happening on the ground. It’s crucial for these people to get real-time insights, keeping them connected to ensure any problems are resolved quickly. Using AI and image recognition is a key part of digitizing store audits and allowing for insights that can be acted on right away. Actions such as restocking shelves and righting displays can be carried out sooner.

Retail audits form a crucial part of retail execution in multiple ways. Image recognition gives field reps the power to capture in-store information by taking pictures of shelves on mobile devices. They can quickly gain insights and create action plans to cover compliance issues and planograms too.

AI gives you the tools to get ahead of any problems and fix them as soon as possible. Image recognition empowers CPG brands to gain greater oversight over retail execution and compliance. It provides the data needed to analyze what’s happening in stores and find potential for increasing sales. Image recognition technology and AI can even provide recommendations based on the data gathered, helping to make decision-making easier and faster. The visibility of brands on shelves and execution compliance are two of the main things that can be improved by employing AI and image recognition in your retail execution strategy.

Get Started with AI-powered Image Recognition

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