Solutions — Product Management

Improve your portfolio turnover.

Find out which of your shelves are out of stock, or near expiry. Reduce your value at risk by taking quick and data driven decisions.

Control your shelves

Take control over your shelves with instant data and visibility over your near expiry and stock count. Understand your value at risk to make faster decisions.

Track returns and deliveries

Keep track of your returns and proof of delivery to reduce your value at risk. Categorize returns to follow procedures before they become losses.

Price Competitively

Keep an eye on your shelf prices, as well as what others are pricing, to stay competitive. Track which retailers are adhering to your agreements.

An all-in-one modular solution that fits
your business needs.

Retail Execution, Sales Force, Market Research, Promoter.

Shelf Availability
Combine modules to fit your needs.
Portfolio Visibility
Asset Management
Sales Force
Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Mystery Shopper