Mystery Shopping: A Pillar of Market Research

Brands need actionable insights to stay ahead of the curve, understand consumer behavior, and enhance their retail execution. Mystery shopping is a -very effective- way of doing that.

Effective Field Sales: A comprehensive Overview

Field sales play a pivotal role in driving business growth and building strong relationships with customers. No wonder it constitutes up to 71.2% of the sales force. Also known as outside sales, field sales, involves sales representatives who go out into the “field” to meet with potential and existing customers directly. This approach contrasts with […]

Maximizing ROI: Key Metrics for Trade Promotion Analysis

Businesses are constantly searching for strategies to enhance their return on investment (ROI) and Trade Promotions are a very powerful tool for that since they are a sure way (when executed properly) to drive sales and enhance product visibility. However, the success of these promotions doesn’t just depend on execution; it hinges on careful analysis […]