Solutions — Shelf Availability

Track your shelf availability.

On-shelf availability is essential in optimizing your customers in-store experience. Keep your  customers loyal by always having your shelves stocked.

Reduce out of stocks

Take advantage of the pre-audit, stock replenishment, and post-audit workflow to understand your market availability and reduce your out of stocks.

Monitor your shelves

Your field team can capture live snapshots of before and after the shelf has been restocked. Visualize and see the difference in your shelves.

Manage your Portfolio

Customize your must stock list and delisted items to ensure that every branch and placement always have your best sellers available.

An all-in-one modular solution that fits
your business needs.

Retail Execution, Sales Force, Market Research, Promoter.

Combine modules to fit your needs.
Product Management
Portfolio Visibility
Asset Management
Sales Force
Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Mystery Shopper