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Automate your data collection process throughout your field force, with real-time visibility and analytics.


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Data collected from various clients and may vary between clients depending on responsiveness to data.

An all-in-one modular solution that fits
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Retail Execution, Sales Force, Market Research, Promoter.

Shelf Availability

Audit your on-shelf availability to ensure products are never out of stock and always your loyal customers’ first option.

Product Management

Manage your brands and SKUs to detect near expiries & monitor shelf pricing. Make swift decisions to reduce your value-at-risk.

Portfolio Visibility

Visualize your shelves with planograms and share of shelf  compliance reports to ensure maximum visibility.

Asset Management

Track your assets’ whereabouts and their conditions as well as report issues to facilitate the management of assets.

Sales Force

Streamline all financial transactions while tracking the workflow to minimize your out-of-stock replenishment turnover. 

Trade Promotion

Create effective campaigns, equipped with tools that help enhance sales and analyze customer behavior.

Market Intelligence

Gain insights into your market with dashboards and reports that help visualize campaign data to its fullest potential.

Mystery Shopper

Pinpoint which branches lack compliance and incentivize branch managers to score higher. Build customer experience standards.

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Trusted by more than 5k+ teams worldwide

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